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Vintage Shopping in Joplin

Vintage Shopping in Joplin

My new obsession with vintage shopping was spurred by the desire to find a nightstand for my daughter’s bedroom. I wanted a piece of furniture that had character and told a story, and I wanted to paint it in a fun, creative way that suited my daughter’s style.

I blame Pinterest for putting these thoughts in my head.

I’m not a crafter by nature, but the numerous “easy, do-it-yourself” pins have me convinced that even a monkey can use chalk paint to breathe new life into a piece of furniture.

Challenge accepted.

To help me search for a nightstand, I enlisted the help of Carrie Puffinbarger of the Joplin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. She’s a bit of an expert on vintage shopping, having tagged along with her mother on trips to thrift and antique stores most of her life – and well before Pinterest made it the hip thing to do.

Carrie created an vintage shopping day trip itinerary for us, with five stores in Joplin and two in nearby Carthage. Below is the list of places.

(Note: You’ll see the words vintage and antique used in this list, and prior to this trip I had no idea what the difference between the two was. It turns out that both refer to old items, but in order to be considered an antique, an item must be at least 100 years old.)




1. Blue Moon Market (613 S. Main Street, Joplin)

Described on its Facebook page as “a modern boutique with a vintage soul,” this downtown store is one of my favorites in Joplin, and I’ve shopped there for clothing, jewelry, and unique gifts in the past.


vintage blue moon clothes


Thanks to Carrie, I now know that the furniture on which the merchandise is displayed is for sale, too, like this stenciled grey dresser.


vintage blue moon dresser


2. Simply Vintage (604 E. 4th Street, Joplin)

This new store occupies a building that was once an old gas station (until the store opened, the old sign with the price of gas was still up and it was $1.05 per gallon – definitely vintage!).

Simply Vintage carries old and repurposed items. One of my favorite items there was this phonograph cabinet.


vintage simply phono


I loved the eyecatching painted tin work on the checkout counter, too.


vintage simply counter


3. Fancy Flamingo Flea Market (5171 North Main Street, Joplin)

You could spend hours walking through this enormous market.


vintage fancy bottles


It is set up with aisles and aisles of booths; some of the booths contain vintage and antique items, and others contain arts and crafts.


vintage fancy furniture


If you like flamingos (like the cute one in their logo), there is a booth that sells some fun flamingo items, too.


4. Country Pickins Antique Mall (5836 North Main Street, Joplin)

Housed in a yellow building in north Joplin, this store is a must for people who love primitives. This store is packed with items from multiple vendors.


vintage country primitives


There were several items that were constructed with parts that were repurposed from pieces of machinery and appliances, such as this lamp (its shade was made from an old stovetop toaster).


vintage country lamp1


5. Rangeline Antique Mall (3421 North Rangeline Road, Joplin)

The layout of this mall is similar to that of the Fancy Flamingo, and the booths are filled with both vintage items and arts and crafts items. There is an impressive furniture area on the left side of the building.


vintage rangeline furniture


My only regret about visiting here was that I didn’t buy this Elvis bust.


vintage rangeline elvis



The next two stores are located on the historic downtown Carthage square, about twenty minutes from Joplin.


6. Goad’s Antiques (111 East Third Street, Carthage)

If you collect miniatures, then this place is for you! I found a miniature tea set that I bought for my daughter’s American Girl doll.


vintage goads figures


In another part of the store, Carrie pointed out this vintage marble rolling pin and said that it was a great price at $13.99 because you can rarely find them for under $20.


vintage goads pin

I use my grandmother’s rolling pin for baking and it’s identical to this one.


Goad’s also sells holiday items, books, and toys. There is a small room in back stuffed with old furniture and garden items, and it was fun to rifle through them and imagine how they could be repurposed.


7.  The Screen Door (112 East Fourth Street, Carthage)

The Screen Door sells a mix of antiques, vintage items and furniture. Carrie was thrilled to find this vintage Pyrex Butterprint bowl to add to her collection.


Vintage screen door pyrex1


I was excited to find this toy that I played with as a child, but then a bit crushed when I realized that it was now considered vintage.


vintage screen door record


After a day visiting these great vintage stores, did I find a nightstand?

Nope. But I found out where I can find lots of other items that I can breathe new life into with a coat of paint.

Oh, Pinterest, what have you done to me?

butterfly pic


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This article was commissioned by the Joplin CVB, however the opinions expressed are purely my own. The purpose of Joplin MO Life is to highlight all the best that our area has to offer, and when an article is written about a restaurant, business, attraction, or event, it is because I have had an enjoyable experience and want to share it with others.

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  1. The light fixture was made with an old stove top toaster. There should be wire pieces on the sides which would have held the piece of bread upright as it toasted.

    • Thanks for sharing that info. I really like that lamp – it’s such a fun and unique piece!

  2. I have been searching online more than four hrs today, but I havent discovered an brilliant article
    such as your post.

    • I’m glad you found it and I hope you got to shop at some of those shops!

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