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Spook Houses, Frightening Trails, Haunted Tours, and Zombies

Spook Houses, Frightening Trails, Haunted Tours, and Zombies

Want to get scared out of your wits this Halloween season?


Below is a list of Joplin area spook houses, frightening trails, haunted tours, and zombie events.*


WHERE ARE THEY? To see where these venues are located on a map, click here and you will be taken to a search page. Choose “Halloween” and  then “Spook Houses/Trails” in the dropdown menus, then you will see where they are located on a map.




Barns on Haunted Hill: Three terrifying barns, two deathly trails, and more. Located at 23162 Maple Road, JOPLIN. $10 per person. PHONE: 417-540-0804. (Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1)


Dead of Night: Shoot at live zombies with paintballs. Located at 1100 Prosperity Avenue, JOPLIN. $15 per person. (Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1)


Dexter’s Haunted House:  A spook house located in the former Simpson’s Funeral Home. New rooms added in 2014. Located at 323 S. Kansas, COLUMBUS, KS. $10 for adults; $8 for 12 and under. PHONE: 417-439-4556. (Open weekends, Sept. 26-Nov. 1)


Fear Factory Spook House: Spook house located in countryside near Carthage. Located at 2455 South County Lane 121, CARTHAGE.  $9 per person. PHONE: 417-793-2111. (Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1, plus additional weekdays close to Halloween)


Fiekers Dark Harvest Haunted Hayride:Experience a frightening over 10 acres, then walk through the Maze of Madness – if you dare. WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE. Located at 201 Penington Lane, DUENWEG. $10 per person. PHONE:417-529-7454. (Open weekends, Sept. 26-Oct. 31) 


Gates of Hell Haunted HouseA 30-minute challenge through terrifying scenes of horror, the lost woods, and then down the house’s second story slide. Located at 1916 Crane Drive, JOPLIN. $10 per person. PHONE: 417-825-3171. (Open nightly, Oct. 10-Nov. 1)


Haunted History Tour:Tales of Old Joplin visits Mount Hope cemetery, the final resting place for many of the city’s great historical figures. $10 per person. PHONE: 417-622-8997. Located at 3700 North Rangeline Road, JOPLIN. (NOV 1 at 8:00 PM) 


Hornet Spooklight: A mysterious light that appears on a road near the Missouri-Oklahoma border. Click here for directions. (Always open)


Macabre Haunted History Tour: Paranormal Science Lab Present and the American Opera Studio and the present two evenings of macabre entertainment. Click here for location info. (Oct. 18 – Joplin, Oct. 19 – Carthage)


The Manor: Scream for your life during this gory 30-minute spook house experience! Located at 4706 Gateway Drive, JOPLIN. $15 per person. PHONE: 417-592-2167. (Open weekends, Oct. 10-Nov. 1)


The Old Haunted Belleville Cave: Is there anything scarier than a haunted cave? Located at N. Foxtrot Lane, JOPLIN. $10 per person. PHONE: 417-529-7428. (Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1)


Psych Ward: A search-and-rescue mission at a destroyed campsite; find a nurse without encountering any zombies. Located at Dover Hill (North Main Street across from Ozark Christian College), JOPLIN. $10 per person. PHONE: 417-540-1892. (Open weekends, Oct. 3- Oct. 31)


Spooky Trails: Haunted hayride through various stations with traditional scares such as Frankenstein, witches, and the headless horseman. All ages are welcome, and the only danger is being scared to death! There are no paintball markers, and no shooting on Spooky Trails. Located at Paintball Ridge, 3295 Coyote Drive, JOPLIN. $10 per person. PHONE: 417-781-7703. (Open Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 2-Nov.2)


The Twisted Forest: A haunted attraction situated on a turn-of-the-century farm that was abandoned in the 1980s because of supernatural disturbances. The 45-minute experience goes along a harrowing trail and through dilapidated buildings. Located at 601 Reddings Road, JOPLIN. $10-15 per person (depending on the date). PHONE: 417-208-9508.(Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1)


Waco School House Haunt: A spook house located in an old schoolhouse. The bottomless pit and the psych ward will have you screaming! Located at 148 Rose St., WACO. $10 per person. PHONE: 620-249-5544 or 620-875-4555. (Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1)


Wolfman’s House of Screams: Over 2,000 square feet of terror has been added for the 2014 season. Ask for the “Be Easy” version if you are faint at heart. Located at 26267 King Lane, CARL JUNCTION. Call for prices. PHONE: 417-825-2005. (Open weekends, Oct. 3-Nov. 1)


Zacharias Nightmare: Enter the laboratory of Dr. Xavier, a mad scientist whose DNA experiments produced frightening creatures. Located at 13507 Briarwood Road, JOPLIN. $8-10 per person. PHONE: 417-540-8944. (Open weekends, Sept. 26-Nov.1)


Zombie Hunt: You will be placed on a zombie war wagon, with a marker in front of you on a swivel. No masks will be required, and riders go through the trail shooting at live zombies coming out of the woods to attack the trailer. All ages are welcome to fire at the Zombies, and there is absolutely no danger of riders being shot. Located at Paintball Ridge, 3295 Coyote Drive, JOPLIN. $10 per person (100 paintballs in the marker. An additional $10 for 100 more paintballs if you run out). PHONE: 417-781-7703. (Open Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 2-Nov.2)


*Note: Prior to each season, I contact each venue to confirm the information for the listings, but sometimes dates will change after this list is published. When that happens, I’ll usually be notified of the change so that I can make updates. Unfortunately, there are times when I’m not notified.

So before you head out the door, PLEASE click on the links for the listings and you’ll be taken directly to the venue websites for the latest info.

Most importantly, enjoy this Halloween season!


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Do you want to celebrate the harvest season in the daylight? Click here.


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  1. The Manor scared the me to death. Well, at least I thought it was scary, but I get scared easily! The Manor is probably one of my favorites!

  2. Owner operator of waco schoolhouse haunt. My brother and I are gearing up for 2014. We worked long hours in 2013 to get the old 1934 schoolhouse ready for the haunt season. 2014 will bring several new areas to explore. I would like to thank everyone that made our first season possible. We look forward to several more haunt seasons with changes for years to come. Brian Renn

    • what age do you recommend for the Waco Schoolhouse Haunt?

      • I contacted Waco School House and here’s the response I received: “All ages are welcome but we do have several parts of the Haunt that are pretty intense. For those young ones or even those that are too scared to go through, we will send them through with a guide. We do this so when the actors see our guide they know just to show themselves but not to scare. That way the really frightened guests can enjoy walking through the Haunt to see all of the detailed scenes we have to offer.”

  3. We are getting close to opening weekend.we are excited abour the new addtions to our haunt that be forsure to . scare come check us out stating sept 26th. Member of


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