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Firehouse Pottery

Firehouse Pottery

There’s a place in Joplin that offers creative fun for people of all ages.

Located downtown, Firehouse Pottery is the first franchise location of the popular Firehouse Pottery in Springfield, Missouri, and it is owned and managed by Charity Hawkins.


firehouse charity


So, what can you you expect when you visit Firehouse Pottery?

When you enter the store, you’ll see a wall with several shelves containing unpainted pottery pieces. Select a piece from a wide variety of items including tiles, mugs, plates, vases, wine glasses, holiday decor and more. Kids can paint fun figurines of dinosaurs, dragons, planes, princesses, cupcakes, animals and monsters.

Parents: Remember Firehouse Pottery for a one-of-a-kind gift for your child to make for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!


FIrehouse shelves


Prices for pottery pieces start at $4 for tiles, $10 for mugs, $11 for animal figures and $12 for plates. Bigger objects and platters cost more. There is a $6 studio fee per painter which includes unlimited paint and the use of any tools (stamps, lace, etc.) and idea books you’ll need to create your piece.


FIrehouse tables


Once you select your piece, choose a spot at one of the tables and you’ll get a quick lesson on how the process works. First, you’ll pick your paint colors. If you have a design in mind, you can draw that on your piece with a marker before you paint (the marker will not show through once the piece is fired).


Firehouse paint


Then you can start painting your piece. The paint dries quickly to a chalky finish (it will become shiny and smooth once it has been fired). Firehouse recommends that you use three coats of paint in order to get vibrant results. Three coats sounds time consuming, but each coat of paint takes just minutes to dry so there is not much idle time during this process.

If you don’t want to freehand anything, you can make a design using a stamp. There are many to choose from on the stamp board.


firehouse stamps


If you get paint on your clothes, don’t worry – it washes out easily. But there are smocks available in case you want an added layer of protection.

Don’t expect to take home your piece the same say that you paint it. Masterpieces take time! There are several steps that Firehouse takes to prepare the pieces and fire them in the oven, and this process takes a while. Your piece will be ready in about one week.


firehouse plates


Firehouse is a great place to have a birthday party, and my middle daughter has had hers here before. You can choose from several different party themes, and my daughter chose the tile party (click here to see all party options).

When we arrived, there were two tables in the back of the store that were set up for the party. The area was decorated with banners, and a birthday message for my daughter was written on a chalkboard. The only decorations that I brought in were balloons. Easy party set-up for me!

Once the guests arrived, they got instructions on how to paint their tiles, and selected their paint colors. Then they let their creativity flow. I was really impressed by the designs these kids came up with.


Firehouse tile


Firehouse also provided a plate with my daughter’s name on it that was signed by all of her guests at the party, which made for a nice keepsake.

Once the kids were done painting, I served the cake I had brought in and my daughter opened her gifts. Everything was cleaned up by Firehouse. Easy + fun = perfect!

If you are looking for something entertaining and unique to do, stop by Firehouse Pottery and get creative.


butterfly pic


Firehouse Pottery is located at 112 South Main Street, Suite A. Click here to visit its website, and click here to see its Facebook page.


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