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Living Life to the Fullest In Southwest Missouri

Enlight Inn

Posted on Nov 24, 2017

We all could use some pampering every now and then, taking a time-out from the stressors in our fast-paced lives in order to catch our...

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Yoga in Nature

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

I like nature. And I like yoga. So it made sense for me to try the monthly Yoga in Nature class offered at Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center.

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Oasis Salon and Day Spa

Posted on Sep 1, 2016

Oasis Salon and Day Spa opened in 2001 as Joplin’s first large-scale, full-service spa and salon. It’s my go-to place for pampering.

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Kristin’s Laboratory

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

Kristin’s Laboratory produces unique jewelry from new materials and repurposed items.

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Color Dash 5k

Posted on Oct 6, 2014

What makes this event so unique is that participants are showered with colored powder at different points along the route, making their clothes a rainbow of color by the end of the dash.

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Frisco Trail and Turkey Creek Trail

Posted on May 23, 2014

The Frisco Trail is our go-to trail for biking together as a family, because the path is nice and wide, and it’s far removed from the hustle and bustle of traffic.

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Favorite Natural Beauty Products of 2014

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

I’m always thrilled whenever I find an effective product that contains less manufactured chemicals that I can’t pronounce and more ingredients that I can. These are the products that I feel comfortable using on my body.

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Downtown Yoga

Posted on Jan 25, 2014

Downtown Yoga’s classes are popular, and are growing more so every day. The cost to try your first class is only $5.

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